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We have hand-picked a range of suppliers who can meet all your specialty ingredient needs. Please contact us for more information.

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Active Concepts
Active Concepts focuses on the development of sustainable, natural and eco-friendly raw materials. They are dedicated to providing technologies to support the rapidly developing marketing environment of the cosmetics industry. Their flexible and creative product development program allows our customers to meet consumer demands with an innovative line of raw materials or custom developed solutions.
Active Micro Technologies
Active Micro focus on providing natural products that can provide alternatives to the chemical preservative used in cosmetic and personal care products. The goal is to provide customers with multifunctional cosmetic ingredients than can be used to create self-preserving formulations. Amongst the most popular of our products is Leucidal and Phytocide Elderberry.
Agilex Flavors & Fragrances
Agilex Flavors & Fragrances are uniquely positioned to offer flavor and fragrance customers the creative, scientific, marketing and manufacturing excellence of a large entity, combined with the agility and flexibility that is usually found in a small, entrepreneurial company.
Agrana Starch
Agrana Stark, Austria produce a range of cereal starches which meet Ecocert natural standards as well as several products which are Certified Organic, GMO free, no pesticide residues, natural and edible. The range includes thickeners and texture modifiers for creams and lotions. Micronised starch suited to use in aerosol products including a unique dry shampoo system.
All products are edible and are safe for use in baby formulations both liquid and solid. They can modify the skin feel of Xanthan gum to make your natural product feel rich and luxurious not gummy and sticky.
They offer organically certified maltodextrins for use as fillers and extenders in organic formulations and even have lipophilic starch for anhydrous formulations.
Alfa Chemicals
Alfa Chemicals UK have developed a unique range of emulsifiers and gelling agents in their Sucragel range. These products are Ecocert approved for use in natural cosmetics and one grade is Certified Organic. Sucragels can be used to formulate anhydrous crystal clear gels with vegetable and mineral oils. These gels have application in skin care and massage products and have a unique function, when sprayed with water they form stable low viscosity milks. This unique function lends itself to the formulation of stable low viscosity milks and lotions and should find application in sunscreen products.
Sucrathix XV is a blend of natural polymers for thickening water based products, it is Ecocert approved for use in natural cosmetics, it is salt tolerant, compatible with alcohol and pH tolerant between pH 4 to 9. When used in conjunction with Sucramulse 163, an Ecocert approved PEG free emulsifier it will produce elegant creams and lotions at the desired viscosity.
Arbor Organics
Arbor Organics, LLC is a USDA-NOP certified organic cosmetic ingredient company, providing the first true cosmetic-grade organic ingredients for the personal care and cosmetic industries. They successfully merge the desire for organics with the utility of actives to surpass the demands and constraints faced by today's formulators.
They manufacture extracts at every level of organic certification: Certified Organic (>95%), Made With Organic (>70%), and extracts that are not certified as a whole but contain certified organic plant matter. In addition to the extracts, they make a product line that includes certified organic juice and extract powders, delivery systems, bioferments, oils, and butter blends.
Baerlocher France
Baerlocher produce and refine waxes and wax derivatives for industries worldwide with a strategy of delivering products and services that conform to the highest quality standards. Their waxes and derivatives are used in industries such as cosmetics, pharmaceutical, candles, art casting and metal casting, ink and paints, grafting, bee keeping and food.
Chemian Technology Ltd
Chemian produce their own range of materials (for example, Citrepel - the highly effective natural insect repellent) as well as supplying services and products across the spectrum of chemical, pharmaceutical and veterinary industries.
Corum are one of the largest and most innovative raw material providers in Taiwan's personal care industry. They manufacture a broad range of ingredients used in cleansing and moisturising to functional ingredients and peptides.
DKS Japan make a comprehensive range of sugar based esters which are unique moisturising emulsifiers. They are non toxic(edible) non irritant, PEG free and all are Ecocert approved for use in natural cosmetics.
With a HLB range from 10 to 75 they allow the formulation of stable elegant O/W and W/O creams and lotions, being 100% active the levels of use are low, 1% to 5% being typical. DKS sugar esters are stable over a pH range from 4 to 8 and tolerate levels of electrolytes.
DKS Sugar esters reduce the irritation potential of many chemicals and can be used to reduce the irritation of AHA’s in skin peels without reducing activity.
Fenchem is a specialist bio-technology company whose products include several molecular weight grades of hyaluronic acid, natural and GMO free tocopherols and Co-enzyme Q10. They have a range of standardized herbal extracts, specialty surfactants and polymeric quats.
Genesis Biolab
Genesis Biolab is a specialist lyophilisation (freeze drying) technology company operating in New Zealand. Genesis uses New Zealand's pure and clean biological resources to manufacture food products and biological extractives for the health, nutrition, pharmaceutical, animal health and research markets.
Glanbia is a world leader in dairy technology, and with this expertise they have patented a natural milk-based antibacterial (GLOVON) derived from milk proteins and butter fatty acids. GLOVON is both an effective preservative and antibacterial, which is effective against gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, yeasts and moulds. It is non-irritating to mucosa and can be used in oral care as a natural replacement for triclosan in mouth wash products. It is also effective against Candida albicans and can be used to treat thrush infections.
Ichthyol Gesellschaft
Ichthyol manufacture and distribute high grade active pharmaceutical ingredients based on the highest purity sulfonated shale oils, which are perfectly suited to replace coal tar and pine tar and their derivatives. The main applications for these are in treating skin disorders, psoriasis and other conditions resulting from sensitization.
Jos H Lowenstein
Jos H Lowenstein provides a complete line of raw materials for the hair colour manufacturer. Their technical staff are well versed in all phases of the hair colour formulator's requirements. They specialize in dye intermediates for permanent hair colour, specially formulated bases and developers, and base materials for cream and liquid formulations. Dyestuff and base materials are also available for semi-permanent and specialty systems.
The common trade names include Rodol, Lowenol, Lowacryl, Lowadene.
Kalichem Italia
Kalichem specialize in research, development and production of cosmetic ingredients for cleansing and skin care. They have an innovative range of Ecocert approved olive oil based ingredients with a low environmental impact for skin and hair care. They also offer a range of naturally derived actives for dermatological applications.
Common trade names include Olivoil Emulsifier and Oilvoil Surfactant.
Kuncai Enterprises China
Kuncai specialize in pearlescent pigment production. They have developed their own in-house technology to produce a comprehensive range of pearls for personal care, surface coatings and plastics applications. Kuncai have developed and patented a synthetic mica flake that guarantees zero level of heavy metals in the finished pearls. Kuncai are supported by an industry standard inspection centre and 20 research labs, which provide support for their materials and develop new patented products.
Lambent Technologies
Lambent manufacture and supply select raw materials for use in value added formulations. Using their esterification, alkoxylation and blending capabilities, Lambent manufacture around 100 oleochemical derivatives for customers seeking high performance, naturally derived ingredients. They also supply select vegetable oils to industrial markets and have a custom manufacturing segment providing solutions for specific requirements.
Microclene provide ambient dust filtration for everything from small industrial workshops (in particular wood turners), office spaces to laboratories and factories. The health risks of fine dust are now widely recognized and the range of Microclene units will suit most areas.
Natureal Herbal Extracts
Natureal Herbal Extracts, our Melbourne based principal, has recently been approved by ACO as a manufacturer of Certified Organic Extracts at their Melbourne manufacturing facility.
Natureal Herbal Extracts offer over 75 standard hydroglyceric herbal extracts and can produce extracts and blends tailor made to your formulation requirements.
Natureal Herbal Extracts now manufactures the following Certified Organic extracts here in Australia:
Green Tea, Chamomile, Marshmallow, Kakadu Plum, Mountain Pepper, Birch, Wild Rosella, Calendula, Chamomile, Lavender, Nettle, Rose Petal and Sage.
Subject to the availability of suitable certified organic raw materials we can manufacture your herbal extract to suit your needs.
Naturochim produce select Ecocert approved ingredients for the cosmetic industry. Although the trend is to use natural products in diet, medicine and cosmetics, nature cannot provide all the ingredients needed to make the sophisticated creams, gels and powders required. Naturochim uses minimal chemistry to achieve the desired results. Their clientele include cosmetic manufacturers, private label companies, and formulation consultants, all of them who are active in the cosmetic, dermocosmetic, toiletries, veterinary care, diet and perfume industries.
Nikko Chemical Co Ltd
Nikko produce a wide range cosmetic, pharmaceutical and food raw materials. As well as industrial emulsifiers, solubilizers and dispersants, natural Ecocert approved emulsifiers and raw materials for detergents. Nikko also have a range of oil soluble vitamin esters and ethers as well as other natural actives for skin care.
Through our contacts with Nikko Chemicals we can source the cosmetic ingredients from Maruzen Pharmaceuticals and Oryzo.
Widely used as the most stable oil soluble form of Vitamin C in personal care formulations is Nikkol VC-IP or Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate. Other well known trade names include Nikkol, Nikkolmulase.
Ningbo Hi-Tech Biochemicals
Ningbo Hi-Tech Biochemicals specialize in custom manufacturing of pharmaceutical intermediates and supply pharmaceutical raw materials, food (and feed) additives, vitamins, amino acids, fragrances, botanicals and agri-chemicals, water treatment chemicals, surfactants and activators.
Oat Cosmetics
Oat Company UK manufacture Colloidal Oatmeal which is Ecocert approved for natural cosmetics and are working toward Organic Certification of their manufacturing plant. Colloidal oatmeal is ideal for sensitive and damaged skin both in adults and babies. It absorbs a high level of oil allowing for elegant cosmetic formulations made using cold processing or low temperature processing to protect any sensitive actives in your product.
Oat Company also offer Superfine Oat Flours, their Oat Flour P is perfect for powdered products, mineral make up and dusting powders. The Oat Flour L is an effective rheology modifier for creams and lotions.
Oat Oile is a unique emollient oil from the whole oat kernel, a pale golden colour it is rich in antioxidants, phospholipids and tocopherols it has remarkable anti irritant and anti inflammatory properties. Oat Oile is an ideal active emollient for anti aging serums and anti allergenic creams.
Shandong Head Co Ltd
Shandong Head specialize in cellulose ether production (MC, HPMC, HEC, EC, CMC) and combine scientific research and development with sales and export. They produce a wide product range which provides raw materials for industries producing pharmaceuticals, food, PVC, surface coating, dry mixed mortar, cosmetics and oil. Shandong Head are a major manufacturer of DAAM and ADH for low-odour, no-odour paint systems.
Soltex produce high quality performance based petroleum chemicals with lot-to-lot traceability, responsive service, and comprehensive technical support. Their base components, chemical intermediates, chemical additives and functional fluids add value to products used in many industrial and consumer applications.
Th Tromm & Sons GmbH
Thomas Tromm produce and refine a large variety of natural and synthetic waxes and wax blends. Standard grades are available for most uses, but their technical experts can problem solve and find a specialized grade to suit your needs.
Zenitech enable the personal care formulator to make new, better and multifunctional products for hair, skin, sun and colour applications. Under their ZENIGLOSS banner they offer a comprehensive range of natural polyesters derived from castor oil, wheat germ and palmitic acid. All Zenitech products are put through non-animal toxicological testing to ensure their safety. This results in a premium line of high-performance, all natural polymers and butters, many of them Ecocert approved for use in natural cosmetics.