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NICNAS has granted approval for the use of Inutec SP-1 in personal care applications. The INCI name for Inutec SP-1 is Inulin Lauryl Carbamate, it is approved for use in Japan, China, Korea, Taiwan, Europe, North America and South America.
Coconut derived Lauryl Alcohol has been grafted onto Inulin, a naturally occuring oligofructose polymer found in many plant species, to produce an emulsifier that allows for stable, low viscosity emulsions.
Inutec SP-1 also has exceptional dispersion power and will find use with particulate sunscreens, liquid colour make up and other liquid products with a high level of particulates/pigments.
Inutec SP-1, in combination with Cetearyl alcohol, has remarkable thickening properties when combined with alkyl polyglucosides(APG's). This unique class of renewable surfactants(APG's) are notoriously difficult to thicken, Inutec SP-1 may offer a natural way to achieve the required viscosity in APG based cleansers, washes and scrubs.
The use of Inutec SP-1 as a co-emulsifier allows for the reduced use of other surfactants this may reduce overall costs, it certainly reduces the stickiness of many skin care formulations allowing for a delicate silky finish on the skin.
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